What should a first aid room include?

We can’t tell you what provision you should make for your first aid room. You should consider your workplace’s specific hazards and needs when choosing your first aid provision as well as the size of your workplace. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has guidance on how to conduct a first aid needs assessment here.

The Health and Safety Executive’s guidance contains examples of the equipment and facilities a workplace first aid room or designated safe first aid area.


  • First aid signs
  • Information posters
  • Important contact information (nearest emergency department, first aiders, etc)
  • Drinking water with disposable cups
  • Telephone or communication equipment
  • Incident log book

Infection control and waste management

  • Sink with hot and cold running water (ideally with an elbow operated tap)
  • Soap and disposable paper towels
  • Foot operated general and clinical waste bins
  • Gloves and disposable polythene aprons
  • Disinfectant and surface cleaners
  • Sharps bin (if appropriate)

Paper couch rolls are not a replacement for good surface cleaning. All patient contact furniture and devices should be decontaminated before and after use.


  • Waterproof examination/treatment couch, wipe-clean pillows and blankets
  • First aid kit(s) and supplies
  • Wipe-clean treatment trolley or other work surface
  • Consider an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

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