HSE: KN95 face mask safety alert (June 2020)

HSE Safety Alert: https://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/use-of-face-masks-designated-kn95.htm

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have issued a safety alert regarding the quality and effectiveness of face masks, claiming to be of KN95 standard. These masks may also be known as filtration face masks or respirators.

KN95 is a performance rating under the Chinese standard GB2626:2006, the requirements of which are broadly the same as the European standard BSEN149:2001+A1:2009 for FFP2 face masks. However, there is no independent certification or assurance of their quality and products manufactured to KN95 rating are declared as compliant by the manufacturer.

KN95 must not be supplied as personal protective equipment (PPE) as their quality, effectiveness, or safety can be assured. Masks that are not CE marked and cannot be shown to be compliant must be removed from supply immediately.

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