Fire safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that workplaces carry out a fire safety risk assessment, take measures to prevent fires, maintain suitable fire fighting equipment, maintain routes of escape and appoint fire wardens/marshals.

Red 1 Response Safety Training provides a variety of fire safety courses for employers of all sizes. All our courses are a mixture of theoretical and practical simulations for learners to hone their skills and improve their confidence.

528,000 fire incidents in England in 2020

221 fire related fatalities in England in 2020

Fire and rescue incident statistics, England (Home Office, National Statistics). GOV.UK

Fire Safety Awareness

[1/2 day] The half day Fire Safety Awareness course is an excellent introduction to fire safety and is great component of induction programmes.

💳 £50 per person (group discounts available)

Fire Safety (Warden)

[1 day] The one day Fire Safety (Warden) course develops an employees awareness for those undertaking a more specific fire safety role in the workplace.

💳 £100 per person (group discounts available)

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