First aid courses

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.

Red 1 Response Safety Training provides a wide variety of first aid courses for employers of all sizes. All our courses are a mixture of theoretical and practical simulations for learners to hone their skills and improve their confidence.

693,000 injuries occurred at work in 2017/18

111 workers killed at work in 2018/19

Health and safety statistics (Health and Safety Executive).

First Aid at Work

[3 days] The three day First Aid at Work course covers more in-depth first aid skills and knowledge. It is ideal for larger businesses and higher risk work environments.

💳 £250 per person (group discounts available)

Emergency First Aid at Work

[1 day] The one day emergency first aid at work course covers essential first aid skills and use of an AED. Topics include: stroke, cardiac arrest, choking, shock, and seizures.

💳 £100 per person (group discounts available)

Paediatric First Aid

[2 days] The two day Paediatric First Aid course meeting Ofsted requirements for Paediatric First Aid in education, nurseries, and more.

💳 £180 per person (group discounts available)

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

[1 day] The one day Emergency Paediatric First Aid course covers the essential first aid skills for paediatric emergencies.

💳 £100 per person (group discounts available)

Forestry First Aid

[1/2 day] The half day Forestry First Aid course covers essential emergency first aid skills and treatments in the forestry sector.

*prerequisites apply

💳 £120 per person (group discounts available)

Activity First Aid

[2 days] Learn the essential knowledge and skills to competently manage injuries and illness that could occur in sports, leisure and recreation.

💳 £150 per person (group discounts available)

Management of Anaphalysis

[1 day] Learn the essential lifesaving skills to recognise and manage Anaphalysis until emergency medical attention arrives including basic life support.

💳 £80 per person (group discounts available)

Basic Life Support

[1/2 day] The half day Basic Life Support course gives you the essential lifesaving skills to manage cardiac arrest, choking, and safely use an AED.

💳 £50 per person (group discounts available)

Oxygen Therapy

[1 day] The one day Oxygen Therapy gives learners the knowledge and skills required to administer medical oxygen for the management of disorder or disease.

*prerequisites apply

💳 £120 per person (group discounts available)

Airway Management

[1/2 day] Learn the skills to competently and safely manage an airway using a variety of techniques and devices.

*prerequisites apply

💳 £50 per person (group discounts available)

Cat Bleed Control

[1/2 day] The half day catastrophic bleeding control course gives learners the knowledge to identify and control catastrophic haemorrhage in an emergency.

💳 £50 per person (group discounts available)

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